Baseball Board Games is a fun and easy to learn game for the entertainment of family and friends.

Roll the dice, hit a single, double, triple or a HOME RUN and win, Just like Real Baseball.

Each Time the dice are rolled, the tokens will move according to the outcome of the total on the dice.

The object of the game is to score the highest number of runs possible to beat your competitor.

Each game is played between two or more competitors. Championships can be played through elimination.

The games consist of odd innings (five, seven and nine innings). It is recommended that the game be played in a series (regular or classifying, semifinals and championship). The regular or classifying games should consist of five innings (different levels), the semifinals, seven innings, and the championship game, nine innings. Different series or rounds may be played depending on the amount of players participating, and can be decided by the tournament’s organizer.

The game is played on a board designed with a baseball diamond. On the board, a list defining the various plays resulting from the outcome of the dice is displayed for quick and easy reference.

The plays are determined by the dice. Depending on the outcome, the tokens will make a move based on the commonly known rules of baseball.

One of the top MLB players loves this game and you will too

  • Game Board
  • Scoreboard sheet
  • Statistical sheets to keep record of plays
  • Nine tokens for each player
  • Baseball's Board Game Cup
  • Baseball's Board Game Sticker
  • Instructions
  • Two dry erase marker


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